Bariatric Surgery Counselling

A potential solution in cases of morbid obesity

In cases of morbid obesity (BMI>40), and when other weight-loss methods have failed, bariatric surgery might be recommended. Bariatric surgery refers to a number of different surgical procedures, which either restrict the size of the stomach, or remove a portion of it, or create a small stomach pouch and attach it to the small intestine (gastric bypass). Even though a number of consequences and potential issues have been reported, as a result of these interventions, it is true that they can bring about positive changes in the individual's life and great improvement of their physical and psychological health.


The importance of psychological support 

However, it is very important that anyone who considers having such an operation, receives counselling and psychological support both before and after the procedure. Bariatric surgery is a truly life-changing event and despite its positive outcome and the successful weight-loss that it will most likely bring about, there are a number of issues that need to be taken into account and dealt with. First of all, the readiness of the client to take such a big step in their lives needs to be assessed, discussed and confirmed, and this has to do both with internal and with external factors, such as the availability of a good support system. When eating for emotional reasons is the case -and in such serious cases, it almost always is-, work needs to be done on exploring and developing new ways to deal with one's emotions, when food will not be an option anymore. In addition, the client needs to also become prepared for all the changes that a rapid weight-loss, no matter how much desired, will bring about; changes in the way they view themselves and they are viewed by others, in relationships, in roles and, fundamentally, a change in identity.


Aiming at lasting change and health on all levels 

These and many more elements constitute the focus of counselling for the bariatric patient, with the aim of making the procedure as smooth and stress-free as possible, and the outcome stable and permanent, allowing for real, deep transformation on all levels.

If you are considering having bariatric surgery, or if you have already planned or have had one, and would like to receive psychological support around it, or would like to discuss any concerns or potential challenges and how I could be of help, please call me on 07450256556 or contact me through the form below. 

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