Common Causes of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

by Stella Stathi

Common Causes of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

''The vast majority of people suffering from BDD have been found to have experienced early emotional trauma, in the form of bullying. This can range from being (seemingly humorously) teased to being verbally and possibly physically attacked, in an openly aggressive way.

In the case of BDD sufferers, the bullying is usually specific to a characteristic of appearance, which leads to the development of a very negative self/body-image, especially when that is received during the very sensitive and formative periods of childhood and adolescence. 

Often, we do not realise what a deep and lasting effect our words can have, even when presented as a joke or friendly teasing. It is not at all unusual for such comments or behaviours to come from family members or close friends, which might make their impact even stronger, as a result of the intimacy involved and of the positive feelings towards these people getting mixed up with the hurt their teasing induces. 

The repetitiveness of such incidents and the lack of sufficient and effective support are also factors that can significantly contribute to teh development of the disorder.''


As featured in RSCPP's article, 'Therapists explain common causes of Body Dysmorphic Disorder'. For the whole article, please click here:


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